Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and curtailment of stay

(1) You can always cancel free of charge if government travel restrictions are maintained.
(2) If the accommodation facility is unable to rent the agreed holiday apartment to another person for the period agreed with the guest by the day of the agreed arrival, the host is entitled to charge cancellation costs. The cancellation costs are 100% of the agreed price for each day not rented in the period agreed with the guest.

Liability and obligations of the renter

(1) The rental property, including the furniture and other items in it, must be treated with care. The lessee must encourage the persons accompanying and/or visiting him to be careful. The tenant is liable for culpable damage to the rental property, the furniture or other items in the rental property caused by him or persons/visitors accompanying him. All damages are fully refundable.

(2) The tenant is liable for soiling of the rented property, the furniture, the floor or other objects in the rented property caused by persons/visitors accompanying him or her, which cannot be removed with normal cleaning. All special cleaning fees are fully refundable.

(3) Defects that occur when the rental property is taken over and/or during the rental period must be reported to the lessor immediately in a suitable form and reimbursed.

(4) The acceptance can also take place after departure without the presence of the tenant.

(5) If more people than agreed live in the apartment, a surcharge of
€25 per night will be charged for each additional person.

(6) Smoking in the apartment is not allowed.

(7) House rules: The tenant undertakes to comply with the house rules.


The current price list applies. If other prices have become the basis of the rental contract for bookings made via this website or via sales platforms, these will be adjusted to the currently valid price list. Any additional payments or refunds will be billed separately.